Video - Croghan Meat Market and
Croghan Bologna Walk Through Time


PO Box 391

Croghan, NY  13327



Dog Control Local Law- It shall be unlawful for any owner of any dog to permit such dog, in the Village of Croghan to : cause damage or destruction to property by defecating or urinating upon the premises of a person, other than the owner of such dog.





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STAR application forms (RP-425) have been updated with the new penalty caution statement.
The updated forms are dated 10/15 and are available here.


Croghan Island Mill
Original Watercolor by Richard Trick


The area was first settled by members of the Oneida tribe of the Iroquois Nation.  Immigrants from Switzerland, Germany and France settled here and in 1841 named our town after George Croghan, a hero in the War of 1812.


Croghan Dam    

    Business and Economic Development
This spirit of cooperation still exists in Croghan and the Village has maintained its close-knit, small town atmosphere. Local residents appreciate and support their businesses and the business owners work together to help the community.


    Parks and Recreation
Recreation Playground created in 1979, the Croghan Recreation Area billing itself as a "Do It Yourself Park" includes:  a swimming pool, softball park, tennis courts, volleyball courts, playground, and picnic facilities.




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